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Cake prices do vary depending on design and the amount of handmade details. 
These start from £65 for a 9" round that will serve around 25 portions.
A 10" serves around 35 and is from £75
To serve 45 is from £85 and 55 portions is from £95.

2 TIERED Celebration Cakes 
These start from £100 to serve 35 portions
And £125 to serve 55 portions.

3 TIERED Celebration Cakes
These start from £145 to serve up to 55 portions.

CUPCAKES start from £2 with sprinkles and go up with handmade details like roses, unicorn designs etc. All cupcakes come in laser cut wrappers. 
Sold in a minimum order of a box of 12. 


Most cakes fit into this guide. 
These prices are for any combination of sponge flavours. You can have any flavour on any tier. (please see the menu page).
If you would like a fruit cake its £10 extra per cake up to 8" round/6"square and £20 extra for each larger size. 

 Please email for an exact price on your design.

2 Tiered Wedding Cakes.
To serve 50 portions £145
To serve 70 portions £175


3 Tiered Wedding Cakes.
To serve 70 portions £255
To serve 100 portions £305
 To serve 120 portions £355
To serve 150 £405 


4 Tiered Wedding Cakes
To serve 100 portions £355
To serve 135 portions £405
To serve 165 portions £455


5 Tiered Wedding Cakes

To serve 140 portions £455
To serve 170 portions £505

For 2 Sided cake prices please email for a price.