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                      Cake Expectations

                    Price List

                    For an exact price/ more info please email.


                    Celebration Cakes

                    These type of cakes are round or square shaped cakes and most designs fit into these price range.

                    9" from £65,  10" from £75,  12" from £95


                      2 Tier Designs.

                    Designs start from £100 for one to serve around 35 portions again prices go up depending on the amount of handmade details, work involved and size of cakes.


                    Novelty Carved Cakes

                    Due to the range in Novelty Cakes prices do vary depending on design and size. 

                    Please email for a quote.



                    Cupcake Prices

                    Minimum Order of 12.

                    Cupcakes start from £2 each.  

                     Most Wedding cake designs fit in to the above price guide. Simply pick how many tiers you would like then match it up to how many portions you would like from your cake.

                     For novelty and bespoke designs please ask for a quote.  

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